Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Leather: not just for southwestern design.

Leather in interior design, can you imagine it?  Do you picture cowhides? Yee-haw?  NO! Not anymore.  I love leather: the way it smells, the way it feels, the textures, ahhh.  Well designers have been creating some very chic products for interiors over the years and more recently the public has began to embrace the idea of using leather on their floors, walls, light fixtures, art pieces and furniture other than couches and armchairs.

OK, here it is again, Turnstyle wrapped hardware!

Three words: laser cut heaven.  Genevieve Bennett is an amazing artist that changes the way we think of traditional leather textures.  Leather becomes art.

Because I will have this chair in my home, eventually. Good old Eames.

For a more casual look, this Sevilla Chair and footstool is also beautiful.

This leather desk by Bottega Vaneta is so versatile, it could go in any space as either a showcase piece or as part of an ensemble.  And think of how good your office will smell! That's right, it will smell like success!

LEATHER FLOOR TILES.  Ok people, this needs to get more attention.  Not only is the material durable, it is easy to clean!!!  You can get it in a variety of textures (croc, ostrich, smooth, etc.), colors, look at the floor below that is made of old belts.  Beautiful and so creative.

Forget faux finishing your walls and get the real thing!  Depth of color, texture, and variety is so easily created by applying leather to your walls. It is definitely a clean and chic look but also very masculine.

Leather mixed with metal and ceramic tiles for a 3 dimensional wall treatment. 

Last, but not least, leather cushions and pillows.  Missoni created these beautiful pieces that come in a sophisticated palette and a variety of sizes.

Leather in the home doesn't have to be scary.  If you like any of these looks or have a few ideas of your own, contact Lunada to schedule a consultation.