Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lunada Kitchen Storage Solutions

Recently, I was reading an article on Better Homes and Garden's website that gave a lot of great ideas for storing your small kitchen appliances.  Not unlike our Laundry room blog (seen below), your kitchen can be easily customized to fit the way you live without a demolition crew.  Don't get me wrong, custom kitchens, especially Luanda's, are amazing and beautiful, but the practical issue is a full blown kitchen remodel is not always in the budget and sometimes new appliances aren't either. Looking to streamline your kitchen? Need more counter space?  Are you embarrassed by your old or dingy appliances when company comes over? There are quick and easy solutions to your problem, my friends.  Well, first of all, we are going to need space and there is no time like the present to clean out those cupboards and make room for those eyesores.  Tuck away those microwaves into the pantry after you add a sliding shelf.  If you are feeling spontaneous, they now have microwave drawers that come in standard sizes so it is easy to replace an existing drawer in your lower cabinets.  Better Homes and Garden also had some great ideas about creating a snack bar or baking station.  You can group  all of your dry ingredients with your stand mixer that is now on a shelf that can be easily tucked inside a cabinet.  Or, you can group your toaster and coffee maker in a cabinet where you can easily grab a quick bite to eat in the morning.  You can find images of these great solutions below and hopefully they will get your wheels spinning.  Almost all of the hardware you need to convert your cupboards or drawers can be found at your local hardware store, or if you are dreaming a little bigger, Lunada is always here to help.

For more ideas on ways to adapt your kitchen, schedule a consultation with Lunada!