Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lunada's Favorites!

Trough sinks!  Old concept, modern application.  Are you having flashbacks to the sinks in your grade school classroom?  Don't worry, the designs have evolved beyond the huge white porcelain monstrosities;  undermount, flush or vessel, these sinks add nostalgia with a sleek and sexy twist to any bathroom whether it's traditional, transitional or modern.  The design is elevated when you install 2 faucets, but if large scale is what you desire, 1 faucet per trough sink is very dramatic!  Lunada might have finally found the perfect client to install one, so let's keep our fingers crossed!  Here are some images to inspire...

I had a "trough" time (sorry, that was horrible) during my initial research of the product, but my plumbing rep pointed me in the direction of Lacava and Duravit as great products at good price points.  But I have to say, the sinks from a company called Wet Style are so beautiful, by far my favorite.  Made is Canada, eh.