Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Lunada Bathroom - Before & After

Lunada has most recent remodel must be seen to be believed!! The new bathroom is lighter, brighter and sophisticated with its mellow color palette, brand new plumbing fixtures, custom cabinets and finishes.

The existing over-sized vanity was replaced with a smaller scale vanity more appropriate for the space and then finished with a custom glaze and hardware with an antique finish.  The solid surface countertop is lined with a linear mosaic of glass tile that can also be found surrounding the new bath tub.  Now this bath tub was definitely a labor of love (as noted in previous blog entries).  You won't find this tub with this cabinetry any where else; it is custom, custom, custom and totally worth it!!! The once enclosed shower was completely transformed by removing the soffit above and a portion of the wall at its end.  By removing the upper wall and creating a "Pony Wall", the bathroom feels larger and brighter without sacrificing shower storage space.  Hidden inside that pony wall is a niche perfect for your shower necessities or a great display space when not in use.

This bathroom is a great example of a "Transitional" design.  Although it has many contemporary materials and very clean lines, those very design cues are offset by the traditional shapes in the sconces and plumbing fixtures.  This bathroom is neither contemporary nor traditional, but transitional and more importantly: beautiful and functional!!