Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lubna Tiles

I was initially shown these tiles by my boss, Jane, nearly 2 years ago with the intention of using them in her own home. Unfortunately over time, the literature was lost and different tiles were spec ed out for Jane's home. Then over this past summer, while searching for hand-painted hardware, I stumbled across a seemingly familiar website. Having the crazy memory that I do, I realized that these were the same tiles that I was shown over a 18 months earlier AND they would be the PERFECT for the client that I was already working on.

We paired the Target Tiles in Blue/Green with Apple Martini Caesarstone, white cabinets and br
ushed nickel hardware and appliances. The overall goal was to create a space that the owners could use as a service area during catered events, and utilize the garage during those weekend projects.

Speaking to the creator of the tiles, Lubna Chowdhary, I have never had a better experience doing a spec and purchase of a product. She catered to our VERY TIGHT deadline, did expedited shipments of our samples and purchase order all the way from the UK, and always responded immediately to any questions we had.

The pictures don't do the tiles justice, there is so much depth and variety of color and texture it is unbelievable when you see them in person. Check out her website to see all of her work, they will inspire you to create projects just to use them in!

Be sure to check out Lunada's Website: www.lunadaconsulting.com