Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Off The Wall

What became very trendy a few years ago has seemed to stick within the design community, 3D wall treatments. The trend has trickled down from the extremely high end and commercial design into the residential design realm and frankly, people are eating it up. Now the first thing that may pop into your mind would be woven walls; we've seen it with 3Form and other various resins, wood veneers and metals. 3D wall treatments may come in the form of extremely expensive custom formed tiles to the very affordable MIO or Inhabit wall tiles. People are using decals, abstract forms, found objects, anything and hanging it on their walls. I think one of the most exciting mediums that continually surprises me is ceramic tile. Companies like Ann Sacks and Artistic Tile I think have beautiful products that are appealing to residential clients across the design spectrum; from retro to modern to traditional there is a product out there for every client.

3form & MIO

Inhabit & Wallter

Artistic Tile & Ann Sacks

Lunada loves Ann Sacks! Here a just a few examples of 3D Ann Sacks Tile in Lunada Projects:

Tres Feltman-Curved & Angela Adams-Forms

Check out more projects on our company's website: