Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lunada's Favorites

This week, Lunada's Favorite Pick is the Phila Chair by Kaleo Kala, a furniture designer who was born in Hawaii, educated in Tasmania, established in New York and now based in D.C. The chair was inspired by the designer's stay in the historically rich and eclectic city of Philadelphia. The design was meant to reflect the city through the mix of the old and new, warehouses and townhouses, business districts and open spaces.Every custom piece created by Kala Studios is sustainable and thus limited in production. The company utilizes reclaimed woods recognized by the Forestry Stewardship Council [FSC] , bamboo plywood and sustainable glues and finishes.

The shots of the chair alone reflect the juxtaposition of it's concept by using graffiti art and warehouse spaces as backdrops. Whe
n something is so beautiful, it is hard to write when all you want to do is admire.