Monday, January 25, 2010

Studded Headboards

Headboards have always been an essential element in any bedroom, they are a great way to tie together pieces of furniture, patterns and colors in a variety of styles. Upholstered headboards aren't for formal bedrooms anymore; today's consumers are looking to these furniture pieces to contrast or enhance any bedroom's decor. One trend that I have really been noticing is the use of nail heads or studs to accent the headboard's shape or add contrast and texture. Nail heads can add rigidity to baroque shapes and subtle embellishment to the contemporary and clean. Here are some examples of affordable headboards that are easily found on websites such as Resoration Hardware and Pottery Barn. But if you aren't looking for something mass produced this style can easily be achieved at home after a quick trip to the fabric or hardware store [but please keep your Bedazzlers up in the attic].

Lunada custom designed this headboard for one of our clients upholstered in linen that resembled burlap with antiqued brass nail heads.

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