Thursday, February 25, 2010

Breakfast Nooks

One of the things that Jane always talks about with clients is that they should be honest about the way they live. When people hire designers, they have the opportunity to design their home for the way they live. For example, formal dinners are things that are now done only a couple times a year, and people's formal dining rooms are collecting dust and taking up valuable real estate. Now I am not proposing that homes be built without dining rooms, but instead of families eating around the TV every night breakfast nooks are a great alternative for everyday dining. Located conveniently off of the kitchen you are able to sit across the table from your family as opposed to next to them at island seating or in separate rooms. Moving even further into breakfast nooks, you can add a bench seating that offers hidden storage beneath the cushions or even a window seat. Window seats are great opportunities for increasing your space without affecting the square footage!! You can also add elements like a butlers pantry, skylights, pantry, etc. Casual dining is realistic. And just because you just redesigned your formal dining room doesn't mean you are going to use it more. Don't feel guilty, just realize the potential for other rooms in your home, like your breakfast nook.

Here are 2 great examples of Lunada breakfast nooks:

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