Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lunada Before & After

Sometimes when Lunada is done with a project, it is so hard to imagine what we started with.  For this Lunada Before & After we will look at what was once the ONLY full bathroom in this house for 3.  Originally, due to the fact that Lunada would be adding 2 bathrooms to this home, the owner felt that they could save some time and money by just leaving it the way it was.  Well after watching the transformation of their home, the owner decided to just go for it and do just a face-lift to the bathroom.  To all of our surprise, the results are NIGHT AND DAY.  All of the plumbing fixtures are original (faucets, shower head, tub spout, tub, sink, etc.) and so are the windows, but everything else is new. The majority of the tiles are ceramic including the white subway tiles which are always a cost effective and clean looking solution. The backsplash is made of glass and marble tiles, a more expensive material but considering the small amount that was needed, it all balanced out in the end. By adding more counter space, cabinets, and 2 other bathrooms, the original clutter was eliminated naturally and the client and Lunada couldn't be happier with the results.




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