Thursday, October 28, 2010

Design Adaptations

This happens all the time in home remodels/new construction; items get placed on back order, get lost or even worse - discontinued or arrive damaged.  In Lunada's most recent project, a bath tub of ours was delivered 3 weeks late and with so much damage to the exterior enamel that we had to reject it at delivery!  This was an especially sad realization because this tub is what sparked an entire bathroom remodel for our client.  The tub I am speaking of is the Kohler Highbridge, a beautiful fixture.  It has a finished apron recessed about 6" improving the accessibility of the tub by allowing the user to step closer to the basin or the space can be used for custom cabinetry, which is what Lunada decided to do. Lunada planned to highlight the tub's finished apron (let's get the most bang for the buck since the tub is pricier than a regular drop-in) by building an open shelf where the client could place decorative soaps, towels, what have you.
 This design was so thought out and happily embraced by our client, it was heartbreaking to think that we would have to reselect another tub that really wasn't comparable to the Highbridge. (You might be thinking to yourself, "Why not just order another one?" Well, lead time on a new Highbridge was 28 days, and we certainly couldn't allow our client to wait that long after the original 3 week delay.  This project should have been finishing up by now!!) Eventually the damaged tub was installed and the design was changed eliminating the open shelf and adding cabinets all the way across similar to this image:

Another option: tiling the front of the tub takes advantage of the 6" under the ledge increasing accessibility to the tub.

My point is, that even when there are setbacks within of home remodels and design, it isn't the end of the world. Good designers are all about adapting to situations that are out of their control and still producing beautiful design that their clients will love.  It's also about having good plumbing reps who will take care of you in times of minor crises like this. Check our website for progress pictures!