Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lunada's Favorites!

When you think of a fireplace screen, what do you think of?  3 panels, metal (brass-yikes!), mesh? There aren't really that many options out there for unique and functional fireplace screens.  See, this is one of the things that, as a designer, I appreciate.  Everyday, designers are faced with the challenges of needing or wanting something that doesn't exist (don't even get me started on tile lines that don't offer trim pieces, ah!).  For L.A. based designer Philip Nimmo, he decided to take action by designing a line of screens that has since evolved into furniture and lighting lines.  Every piece is hand-made and offered in a variety of finishes, materials and sizes, hence the steep price, but beautiful none the less. And when paired with the perfect client in the perfect room, these fireplace screens can really stand alone as works of art! 

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