Thursday, April 14, 2011

Roughing It

Want to get away?  Not exactly an "outdoorsy" type?  Well set your sights on luxury camping.  That's right, luxury camping.  Imagine yourself waking up in a fluffy bed to the smell of coffee and walking outside and to find yourself in the middle of a jungle!  If I have learned one thing about design, it is: if there is a need/want, for the right price, it can be created.  These luxury tents are complete with indoor plumbing, a necessity if you have a claw foot tub in your bathroom, solar lighting, and skylights! Now sit back, relax and daydream a little while admiring these fantastic and opulent tents.  Or if you can do a little more than daydreaming, here is a story by Shermans Travel with the top 10 luxury camping destinations.