Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lunada's Favorites: Paola Letni Furniture

Most of the time, the content posted on this blog is regurgitated from some of my favorite design blogs and I offer my opinions and general praise.  Every once in a while, a random google search with inspire me, as it did today.  I found a great re purposed planter made of precast manholes minus the manhole covers.  By stacking the donut shaped concrete, a super modern and very good looking planter is created.
And so my landscape inspiration google search started and what did I find?  Paola Letni.  An Italian designer who specializes in modern furniture, textural rugs all in fun and playful color palettes.  Despite it's uber modern design aesthetic, the scale and colors of all of her pieces feel casual, inviting, and very very comfortable.  The pieces also give off the intent of being used as a set or by multiple users, social furniture, furniture for friends and loved ones. Great style, great find.  Good one, Leslie.