Thursday, February 16, 2012

Papier-Mâché Home Decor

The newest obsession for me is the Papier-Mâché home decor from Haiti!

So what exactly is Papier-Mâché? Well, the origin of the word is French and it translates to be “Chewed Paper”.  I was a bit confused when I saw the description but, after a little more research I found that most of the Papier-Mâché uses recycled materials such as old news paper, magazines and sometimes textile for reinforcement. When all these materials are glued together they create these unique works of art. The technique of Papier-Mâché goes back to the 1700s in Europe but, recently many manufacturers (West Elm, Viva Terra) have teamed up with Haiti’s displaced earthquake survivors to create more of these beautifully hand crafted sculptures.

The Papier-Mâché home décor collection when painted white fits perfectly with any modern decor. I think you will be surprised to find the variety and sizes that Papier-Mâché can offer. You can group them into different combinations in the entry or hanging above your fireplace, perhaps a Sunday brunch table top too! Papier-Mâché can fit in easily with the décor of your home all year long! Let me know what other configurations you have tried?