Wednesday, April 14, 2010

South Bay Interior Design meets the Mid-West.

One of the things that I think is truly unique to Lunada is our enthusiastic approach to BASEMENTS!  Lunada's founder is actually from the mid-west and she has always said how weird it was that no one out here has basements.  Basements are totally functional by offering additional storage easily accessed as opposed to crawling up into the attic. Basements also allows you to actually store your cars in your garage rather than all your junk!

One of the greatest benefits to moving all of your storage downstairs is the simple fact that once you get rid of your attic, you can now have higher ceilings! One of the most dramatic changes anyone can make in their home is the addition of natural light.  By removing that huge roadblock, you can now add skylights, vaulted ceilings, suspended lighting and ceiling fans that don't make you feel like your head is about to be chopped off it is so low.

Basements are great locations for wine cellars, which are always at the top of homeowner's lists when doing a remodels, which benefit from the cooler and more consistent temperatures.  They are also great locations for home offices -- you can have all the space you need and at the end of the day, closing that door allows you to 100% clock out.  Laundry rooms are also great down there to save on space, noise and mess.  Have a big family or shop at Costco?   Basements are great locations to store your 48 count toilet paper, 100 bottles of Coca-Cola, and bulk root vegetables.

Now, you may be thinking, "Can a basement be added to an existing house?  Or do I have to scrape my lot and start from scratch?"  The answer is both and luckily, Lunada has done both!  Now this storage solution can't be applied to just any home.  Of course you lucky beachcombers with the sand 20 ft. from your door can't due to the high water table and sandy soil, but those of you living in Palos Verdes, Rolling, Hills, San Pedro area.....definitely a realistic possibility.  Throw out your misconceptions of basements and realize that they can be totally functional for California living, they can be beautiful, and they can dramatically change your home.

Think all basements are dark and scary?  Think again.

Want to know if you can add a basement to your home?  Schedule a consultation with Lunada by visiting or calling 310.544.1895.